In my free time, I enjoy creative coding and making generative art.  I normally like to explore some combination of math/science viz and/or an audio/visual exploration. Almost everything here is made using python mode for Processing. I document some posts here, and an up-to-date collection can be found on my Instagram!  (This page may take a bit to load :)

After seeing a gif on Twitter visualizing the constuction of Lissajous curves, I was interested to see what Lissajous-ish curves generated from polygons instead of circles would look like:

A visualization of heliocentric (Sun at center of the solar system) vs. geocentric (Earth at Center) orbits.  Inspired by a weekend trip to the Planetarium :)

A collage of double-pendulums:

I like making looping gifs.

Fourier series are fun:

While moving at a constant angular speed, the following visualizations accelerate around corners, resulting in curved rather than straight lines:

Single Rotation Rule Cellular Automoton, based off a great blog post by Dmitry Shintyakov. If a tile contains only one active cell, it is rotated clockwise 90 degrees. The tiles are then shifted by 1 cell each time step.  The first animation shows a random collection of initial cells, the second has 2 pairs of cells revolving around a wall, and the third a selection of ‘oscillators’ that return back to their original state.

Generative circuit diagrams, created using python and drawn using the circuitikz package for LaTex.